Digital Creativity in Disability

About Us

DigiCreDis is a disabled-led business, which came into being in early 2010. Started by a Games and New Media developer, Max Zadow, its mission was to take advantage of the multiple benefits the digital revolution offered to disabled people and explore innovations in health and social care tech. We recognised that the lives of disabled persons could be considerably enhanced by advances made in mobile communications and medical devices.

Our services and you

We are a small and nimble business, with a minimal core staff, but we like to think we punch above our weight. Over the years, we have built an extensive network of respected subcontractors and other experts.

What can we do for you?

We can design apps, build websites, perform consultancy like marketing research (we specialise in focus groups) and product development (we're fans of Google Ventures Design Sprint approach) and general advice for start-ups.

All of this we can offer at rather reasonable prices. When giving a customer an estimate for our services, we don’t have to worry about pricing in the costs of running a large office and a sizeable cohort of desk jockeys, most of whom would not be involved in helping you anyway. That’s why we can be so competitive.


DigiCreDis is very proud to be in partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool John Moores University, in producing WarnDry, a revolutionary product in development to combat childhood enuresis (bedwetting), for which we have received Phase 2 Small Business Research Initiative funding for from Innovate UK We're also working on this with Liverpool software studio Damibu and Kershaw Technology Services

We are also currently involved in various other projects, including the development of a disabled person’s personal budgeting tool (with our sister company Future Coders and partners Care Innovation), a mental anxiety reduction app and new software to aid management of childhood constipation issues, which we are also working with Alder Hey Children's Hospital on.

DigiCreDis has also solely or jointly written bids for other companies and organisations that have brought in hundreds of thousands of pounds of much-needed investment to the Liverpool digital economy and businesses elsewhere in the UK.


Drop us an email and we'll get back to you asap.

DCD, IC1, Liverpool Science Park, 131 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TF