Teaching the next generation to program

The take-up of IT qualifications in the UK has declined by 57 per cent between 2005 and 2010. Criticism from Higher education, think tanks and business came to a head in August 2011 when Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, said "I was flabbergasted to learn that today computer science isn't even taught as standard in UK schools. Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but gives no insight into how it's made."

Government has announced what it is going to do to remedy this threat to the UK IT industry, but in the meantime, a grass-roots movement of educators and technologists is proposing its own solutions and creating its own tools and methods to educate young people in digital production. This movement is one that Future Coders is proud to be part of.

Future Coders has a number of ideas and products that we are developing. More details will appear soon.

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