Developing use cases for emerging technology


Future Coders was created in 2012 by co-founders Max Zadow and Joe McLaughlin, initially to focus on the teaching of new media production skills, from creative coding to media law.

It saw great success in a schools programme intended to instruct socially-excluded young adults in digital media production before branching out into developing digital applications for the disabled / elderly market.

This included Supportspace, an app designed to act as online brokerage for disabled / elderly persons, local authorities and potential carers / Personal Assistants /access workers.

This was produced in partnership with Care Innovation, Zaiku and with partial funding from Creative England.

Supportspace is currently live and with space for up to two hundred thousand users to connect, we are currently seeking trial partners.

Future Coders has been and is currently engaged in consultancy for digital sector projects. Such as conducting focus groups and other market research, coding, product development collaboration and bidwriting / tendering.

Future Coders is currently working on a project to develop improvements in command communications for the emergency services and is proud to announce that it will be working as partner with fellow Liverpool company CGA Simulations on the ALEAD project. This involves teaching autonomous vehicles to drive in simulated environments via a simulated ‘digital twin’ of a city’s road network and was the recent recipient of just under one million pounds of funding from the Centre for Connected Autonomous Vehicles.

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