Educational Background

Teaching in Communities

Future Coders people have taught production skills in a variety of contexts. From Media Law at Degree Level to Web Development at Level 3 to after school clubs for young game designers, our team has been involved at every level.

Alternative Approach

Joe and Max from Future Coders created and ran an innovative Alternative Curriculum course based on the Wirral. This involved teaching digital development skills to young people who weren't connecting to a traditional school environment. Often these young people had a history of disruptive behaviour, poor academic performance and ASBOs.

This course taught 3D Modelling in Maya; level design in the Unity and Torque Game engines; web development using HTML and CSS; graphics using Photoshop, After Effects and Flash. In addition we gave these young people an insight into games, cross-platform production and industry in general.

All these young people were predicted to be NEET (not in education employment or training). All but a few of those we taught gained sufficient qualifications to move on to FE.

These were young people who in school had failed at core skills like maths and english. Because of their understanding of games and internet culture they were able to engage with this new curriculum and learn high-end skills, involving complicated mathematical principles and creation of content with intricate narratives.

Future Coders believe that learning to code and produce content can be a key that unlocks the future for a range of young people.