Free Javascript/JQuery Course - 19th/20th July

This two day course gives a hands on tutorial to take people with only a basic knowledge of traditional HTML and guide them step by step in order to create their own fully interactive rich user interface using jQuery and KnockOut.js

Each tutorial element is based on a hands on demo, so at each stage the student is actively learning a broad base of skills and building up confidence to apply the elements later. Focusing on using the tools used by professional developers that simplify many of the dry aspects of coding and allow the students to produce working, reusable code they can apply to their own projects easily.

Students will be provided with a hosted account that will let them host files on the web and interact with a remote api.
See breakdown of course here

Date: 19th & 20th July
Times: 9am-5pm
Venue: Liverpool, TBC (it will either be in the LJMU Art & Design Academy on Mount Pleasant, or the Innovation Park on Edge Lane)

Refreshments will be provided!

Contact or register on Facebook if you would like to attend
Delivered by Paul Freeman.
Hosted by Future Coders and D.C.D
Supported by OpenLabs and LJMU